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Photo by Israel hunter

    "I'll do anything for you...in the dark."


I entertain with slow burn striptease numbers that focus on kink, poetry and seduction combined with attention to detail, musicality and award-winning costuming.

 My numbers have been featured and also competed across the country- winning titles such as Judges choice, best overall and Queen.  



Festivals Performed In: 


Colorado Burlypicks 2015 (Winner of Best Act)

Las Vegas Burlesque Festival 2015 

Burlypicks Finals 2015 (Winner of 'Most Fierce') 


Wisconsin Burlesque Festival 2016

Snake Oil Festival 2016 

Golden Legends Champion Challenge 2016

The Roux: A Spicy Brown Festival-2016

San Antonio Burlesque Festival 2016 ( Winner of Best Costume )


Great Burlesque Exposition 2017  ( Lucy Buttons Choice Award )

Washington D.C. Burlypicks ( Overall Winner 2017 (and Master of assels )

Show-Me Burlesque Festival 2017 

Snake Oil Festival 2017

Capital City Burlesque Festival 2017

Texas Queerlesque Festival 2017

Ohio Burlesque Festival 2017

PA Burlesque Festival 2017

Golden Legends Champion Challenge 2017 

Discordia Days Festival 2017

The San Antonio Burlesque Festival 2017


The Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival 2018

The Show-Me Festival 2018

The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2018 ( Competed for Best Debut ) 

the Oregon burlesque festival ( competed for queen-won )

the Ohio burlesque festival ( headliner ) 

the Minneapolis burlesque festival ( Feature performer ) 


The mobile burlesque festival (Feature performer/headliner)

The Moisture Festival (Seattle, WA) 

viva las vegas weekender (Competitor)

The Northwest Vaudeville Festival (Headliner) 

What the Funk Festival (Headliner) 

The Bristol Burlesque Festival (Headliner) 

Oregon Burlesque Festival (Headliner & Judge) 

BurlYpicks World Championship (Judge)