Not in Seattle? No Worries!! I offer online sessions that cater to YOUR schedule!  Zoom, FaceTime and Skype all available! 

Suffer: The Art of Stage Seduction

Class description: A hands-on tutorial of unleashing the sex and the intention during your number, this class will help you identify your nastiness and vulnerability and then connect that within the audience-not just simply with them.

Class is encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and or heels they feel confident moving in. Props welcome

20.00 per person (Large classes for an event) 

One-on-One  Personalized Sessions:  50.00 per hr

Payable by Cash or Pay Apps


@ Me: Securing your brand identity   

Are the Damsel of Dance?
The Trickster of Tease?
Perhaps the Minx of Movement!
Whatever your "gimmick" or thing, do it well and make it last.
From social media presence to in person professionalism, this class will give you the tips, pointers and even a few shortcuts to identifying, personalizing and marketing your branding in the burlesque industry.
Bring writing materials and an open mind ready to receive constructive feedback!

20.00 per person (Large classes for an event)

One-on-one personalized session: 50.00 per hr 


Gutter Glamour 


The practice of placing and embracing absolute filth in your numbers without sacrificing the tease or suspense.
This class is a movement class that focuses on isolating and enhancing movements of sex and desire without losing the purpose or message within your performance, peppering in the raunch and learning to love your body in front of others and to make sure they love it all.

Students should come in comfortable clothing and or costumes they want to work it, with an open mind about their sexuality and ready to move that ass. 


20.00 per person (Large classes for an event)

One-one-one Personalized Session: 50.00 per hr


Top-heavy: Headdress Consultation

Need a lil help with the mount? Stability guidance? Or just plain help with an unruly headdress you can't get to behave? 

I can assist!!!  For years I have been using my background in millinery to balance the broad, fantastic and often heavy adornments that we all marvel at , and I would LOVE to help you get "A grip" with your project, with options of follow-ups! 

Sessions are 100 Percent confidential and efficient.  

25.00 per Half-hour