2020: What to Expect

Meowdy!!! Thank you all for entertaining me on this platform! I wanted to give a bit of insight into my 2020 intentions and goals.

1. Get. Off. Facebook.

Yes yes I know-many have tried and it's a necessary beast currently, but I've been doing some research and thinking and plan to direct at least 75 percent of my fanbase (peer and otherwise) HERE- Where I can control my content and branding 100 %.

2. My Store!! So recently in the month-my store payment options were shut down (Thanks SESTA/FOSTA!) and as a result, I have had to temporarily shut down my store to re-design and get more crafty with how I can better get my products out to you all.

3. Reading!!! Get ready to join my N*ked Book Club starting next month, memberships will be rolling out soon!

4. Enjoy myself more, and let you in while doing it.