Social Distancing Vs Getting Reacquainted


Just like the rest of the world I am settling into a new routine centered around social distancing and overall quarantine (Shelter In Place ) issued by the state of Washington. As an Aries I don't particularly mind oh, I was homeschooled since 4th grade so being alone has never bothered me as much, I tried to check in on my more outgoing peers although. 😅

I've spent about a week basically slacking off LOL and napping like the cat that I am, but now I want to do something more invigorating. No one HAS to do do a damn thing during this pandemic not should they feel as such-this is simply a revamp that I have always wanted to do but never had enough time or inspiration.

To give you a hint:

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For every donation (over 10.00) I get I will send you updates and a personalized "Thank you".

Don't have anything to donate? No worries! Stay safe and stay in touch. 🖤